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From February 2 to April 30 2019

Umbrella Sky Project

Hundreds of Colorful Umbrellas Float Above a Charming Passageway in Paris

Le Village Royal, a boutique-lined passageway in Paris, is always popular with window shoppers. Now, however, this high-end alleyway is attracting foot traffic from all walks of life, thanks to an awe-inspiring installation by Sextafeira Produções.
Featuring 800 polychromatic parapluies, or “umbrellas,” floating overhead, the Umbrella Sky Project takes public art to new heights. When visitors enter Le Village Royal, they are dazzled by a magical, multicolored canopy of open umbrellas. As sunlight illuminates the shades, the passageway is transformed into a spectacular slice of paradise.
This is not the first time the Umbrella Sky Project has saturated city streets in color. From a Portuguese town to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, over 25 locations all over the world have gotten the Umbrella Sky Project’s Technicolor treatment. Intended to “bring color and joy and promote places and their surroundings,” these installations come through with flying colors.