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From February 2 to April 30 2019

Umbrella Sky Project

Hundreds of Colorful Umbrellas Float Above a Charming Passageway in Paris

Le Village Royal, a boutique-lined passageway in Paris, is always popular with window shoppers. Now, however, this high-end alleyway is attracting foot traffic from all walks of life, thanks to an awe-inspiring installation by Sextafeira Produções.
Featuring 800 polychromatic parapluies, or “umbrellas,” floating overhead, the Umbrella Sky Project takes public art to new heights. When visitors enter Le Village Royal, they are dazzled by a magical, multicolored canopy of open umbrellas. As sunlight illuminates the shades, the passageway is transformed into a spectacular slice of paradise.
This is not the first time the Umbrella Sky Project has saturated city streets in color. From a Portuguese town to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, over 25 locations all over the world have gotten the Umbrella Sky Project’s Technicolor treatment. Intended to “bring color and joy and promote places and their surroundings,” these installations come through with flying colors.


Trip to Paris cancelled ? Why not take advantage of some free online offers to virtually immerse yourself in the Parisian cultural world ?

ArteConcert offers a large choice of Opera, Jazz, Pop, Metal and even World music and Performing arts. Several Opera houses also propose free online showings.
The Opera de Paris for example has put online a variety of shows such as the famous : Swan Lake, The Barber of Sevilla, and many more. These are available until the beginning of May on Opera de Paris’s website partnered by CultureBox.
The Philharmonie de Paris proposes all of their past concerts on the application “PhilharmonieLive”. A musical playlists and a virtual visit of the Museum of Music is also available on their website.

A large number of museums invite you to admire their digital collections and animations.
Even in a quarantaine situation, you can still admire the treasures of the Louvres or the Orsay Museums thanks to multiple formats available online.
The Grand Palais proposes to return to their exhibitions virtually. A large number of activities and visits, are also available for the entire family.
For a complete immersion the Modern Art Museum offers a 360 degree virtual visit and the Louis Vuitton Fondation proposes their own online cultural programme.
This list is of course far from exhaustive, but should give you some ideas to “escape” during these difficult times.
Take care of yourself and of each other !

From Sept. 13th 2019 to Jan. 20th 2020

The Alana Collection - Private Collection of Italian Masterpieces

The Jacquemart-André Museum, owned by the Institut de France, presents collections of art that are worthy of great museums in a magnificent Second Empire mansion. Often compared to the Frick Collection in New York, it has maintained its mansion atmosphere, which makes it unique in Paris.
The Alana Collection, one of the most precious and little-known private collections of Renaissance art in the world, is exposed until January 20th!

From July 12 to August 31 2019

La nuit aux Invalides

This is the magnificent sound-and-light show of the summer in Paris. The interior facades of the Invalides are happy with 3,000 years of history, from yesterday's Lutetia to today's Paris. A fascinating show to see absolutely.

From June 05 to July 29 2019

Dora Maar at Centre Pompidou

The largest French retrospective ever devoted to Dora Maar (1907-1997) invites you to discover all the facets of her work, through more than five hundred works and documents. Initially a professional photographer and surrealist before becoming a painter, Dora Maar is an artist of undeniable renown. Far beyond the image, to which she is all too often limited, of her intimate relationship with Picasso, this exhibition retraces the life of an accomplished artist and a free and independent intellectual.