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From April 5 to June 22 2019

La Foire du Trône

The Foire du Trône is back from April 5 to June 2, 2019, on the Lawn of Reuilly in Paris.
With 350 attractions and 80 rides, the Foire du Trône will thrill younger and older people for its 1061st edition!
Exceptional evening on Friday, April 5, 2019: the fairgrounds are mobilizing to fund research and training in heart surgery by offering the entire recipe to associations.
For only 25 € per adult and 15 € per child (under 10 years), you will have access to 50 rides and attractions and spend a festive and gourmet time, for the good cause!


From February 2 to April 30 2019

Umbrella Sky Project

Hundreds of Colorful Umbrellas Float Above a Charming Passageway in Paris

Le Village Royal, a boutique-lined passageway in Paris, is always popular with window shoppers. Now, however, this high-end alleyway is attracting foot traffic from all walks of life, thanks to an awe-inspiring installation by Sextafeira Produções.
Featuring 800 polychromatic parapluies, or “umbrellas,” floating overhead, the Umbrella Sky Project takes public art to new heights. When visitors enter Le Village Royal, they are dazzled by a magical, multicolored canopy of open umbrellas. As sunlight illuminates the shades, the passageway is transformed into a spectacular slice of paradise.
This is not the first time the Umbrella Sky Project has saturated city streets in color. From a Portuguese town to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, over 25 locations all over the world have gotten the Umbrella Sky Project’s Technicolor treatment. Intended to “bring color and joy and promote places and their surroundings,” these installations come through with flying colors.

From March 20 to April 7 2019

Chic, it's the 3J

Did you know that Le Grey Hotel is located only 10 minutes walk from the Galeries Lafayette Haussman?
It's pretty nice to enjoy the 3J starting tomorrow until April 7, 2019... Enjoy discount until 50% off!
Another good excuse for a last-minute Parisian getaway!

From February 7 until September 22 2019

Monsters, Mangas & Murakami

Are you looking for a cultural activity to do with your family?
Discover the museum in grass: the only museum for the 3 to 103 years old " (or rather the only exhibition for 3 to 12 years old, accompanied by the older ones)!

The Museum « en herbe » is playing kawaii-Kowai and puts its stone at the building building. Monsters, mangas and murakami is an exhibition that plunges the family into a fantastic universe at the Japanese.
Hyper pop culture atmosphere made of boards, figurines and flowers all smile (the anti-Naturalism Murakamien).

From March 26 to September 15 2019

Tutankhamun, the Treasures of the Pharaoh

In 1967, the Toutânkhamun exhibition becomes the most visited in France with 1,2 million visitors. The Exhibition of the century is back for the last time this year.

Don't miss this unique opportunity to rediscover the history of the most famous of the Pharaohs before the permanent installation of the artifacts within the new Egyptian Grand Museum currently under construction.

From the 23th of March at The Grande halle de la Villette!